Konobs Male

Name :Konobs
Age: 10 weeks
Vaccination Up to Date,
Potty Trained, Registration Papers,
Veterinarian examination,
Health certificate,
Health guarantee,
Pedigree, Travel crate

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Introducing Konobs, the handsome male Balinese kitten with a personality as captivating as his striking appearance! Konobs stands out with his mesmerizing blue eyes and luxurious, silky coat that’s bound to turn heads wherever he goes. But it’s not just his looks that make him special – Konobs’ playful and affectionate nature makes him the perfect companion for any cat lover.

From the moment you meet him, Konobs’ friendly and outgoing demeanor will win you over. He loves nothing more than engaging in playful antics, whether it’s chasing after toys, exploring new environments, or simply lounging in the sun. Konobs is also incredibly social and enjoys spending time with people, making him the perfect furry friend for individuals and families alike.

In addition to his charming personality, Konobs is in excellent health and has been lovingly cared for since birth. He has received all necessary vaccinations and has undergone regular veterinary check-ups to ensure he is thriving.

If you’re searching for a loyal and loving companion to brighten your days, look no further than Konobs. With his irresistible charm and gentle spirit, he is sure to bring joy and happiness to his forever home. Don’t miss your chance to welcome Konobs into your life – inquire about him today at Fluffy Balinese Cats Home!